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Amos Reaction Paper

             Amos goes to Israel and Judah to tell them of the coming prophecy. Of the people in both Kingdoms Amos levels his attack on those living in luxury and self-righteousness,Woe to you who are complacent? (Amos 6:1). He outlines the wealth and lifestyles the self-gratified people were living in, and as they think they are safe and secure in their own world God is not in favor of their lifestyles.Go to Calneh and look at it? are they better off than your two kingdoms? Is their land larger than yours?? (Amos 6:2) There are many far worse than the ones in luxury, and in isolating themselves from others? needs we are not doing what God wishes for us to do.Therefore you will be among the first to go into exile; your feasting and lounging will end? (Amos 6:7). .
             It is also written that the Lordabhors the pride of Jacob and detest his fortresses? (Amos 6:8), those who flaunt their achievements and possessions letting it become the sources of self-glorification. Also the people hesitate to speak God's name, even during times of grief, in fear that they would attract His attention and be judged.
             Then Amos was shown the judgment and punishment of Israel twice and in response prayed for the safety of them and that God would spare Israel. Then God told Amos,Look, I am setting a plumb line among my people Israel; I will spare them no longer? (Amos 7:8). Illustrating that He will measure up the people of Israel to His standards as a plumb is used to measure the straightness of a wall. .
             Amos then approached Amaziah with the Lord's message. However, Amaziah, worried only of his own well being and his position in Jeroboam's kingdom, turned his back on Amos and the impending message for maintaining his position seemed more important than listening to the truth.
             The message given to us in these verses couldn't have come more clearly. In chapter 6, God wants us to care for others just as He cares for us, learning to put the needs of others before ours using our wealth to help others to guard ourselves from our own pride.

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