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Analysis Of Relationships In The Awakening And Madame Bovary

            Relationships define who a person is and what they will become in life. Their relationships shape their moods from day to day, and are often the focus of the many thoughts that go through their heads. The building and start of a relationship can be an extremely exciting and happy time, while the end of a relationship can seem like the end of the world and cause deep sorrow and depression. There are many types of relationships that one encounters throughout their lives - the first being family.
             The presence or absence of a loving, supportive family shapes who one is for the rest of their life. The next type of relationship that comes across in life is friendship. From the time kindergarten starts, friends are made and friends are lost. Everything imaginable happens until there are a select few left that are true friends. They will continue to be friends with them after school and going separate ways. Then in one's life there are lovers. Lovers can affect one's life more than anything else at times. They can completely envelope one's thoughts and emotions until it feels like one is stuck in a thick fog and can't see at all and are blind to everything. Relationships make up one's being in every aspect of life. Without them, life would be lonely and miserable. An analysis of the relationships presented in the novels The Awakening and Madame Bovary will be given.
             In The Awakening, Edna marries Leonce Pontellier, a wealthy New Orleans businessman. Right away, it is obvious that she is bored with him and seeks to be with others. Edna is comfortable in her marriage, but it is like she is always wanting more. Leonce treats her more like an object than a person and a loving wife. He treats her as a possession. .
             In the beginning of the novel with he sees that she is sunburned from swimming, he looks at her "as one looks at a valuable piece of property which has suffered some damage.

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