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             As I listened to the play I was brought back to my childhood. I remembered my sister singing, "The sun will come out tomorrow- and was thankful she was not the one singing. A great deal of effort was put into what actors and actresses that was in this play. The actress that was playing Annie hit it right on the spot with her singing voice that filled the theatre. Judging by the spot that I had at this play, way up top, I could hear everything perfectly. The sound for the music also was the same, clear, and filled the theatre. Everyone was well prepared; knowing their lines and location on the set. I thought that their costumes also fit the characters very well. You got to see Annie go from the rags to riches, which is from the orphanage to live with the billionaire, which played out through every element of the play. Throughout this whole time she was on point with all of her costumes. I also feel that the costumes where well coordinated with the set. The set matched where the characters were and what they were wearing. For example, when Annie escaped from the orphanage and made it to the city you knew that the people she ran into in the alley were bums. Yes, eventually the police came and told you that they were bums, but before that their status was quite clear. I truly enjoyed Annie, much more than I did at six years old. I felt it was much more of an experience to see the play than watch the movie. I look forward to going again.

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