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Athletic Inequality

            When it comes to sports men have always been more popular. Normally when a person hears the word sport, they immediately think of sports like football or baseball, both of which are primarily male sports. But in the past twenty years women have made their mark on athletics and have begun to participate much more than before. As women strive to become more powerful in the workplace, they too have concentrated on becoming more powerful in athletics. Particularly in high school athletics, women have begun their march toward equality. In the last twenty years the gap of inequality between men and women in athletics has closed because of the Title Nine Law, participation in summer camps, and the advertisement of women's sports.
             In 1972, The National Federation of State High School Federations passed the Title Nine Law effective in all high schools in Michigan. "Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 is the landmark legislation that bans sex discrimination in schools, whether it be in academics or athletics" (Grant 1). The Title XI has three basic parts. First, financial assistance must be awarded based on the number of male and female athletes. The test is financial proportionality. The total amounts of athletics aid must be substantially proportionate to the ratio of male and female athletes. Second, the selection of sports and the level of competition must effectively accommodate the students' interests and abilities. And third, all other benefits, opportunities, and treatments afforded sports participants are to be equivalent, but not necessarily identical. This includes equipment, scheduling for games and practices, locker rooms, and coaching opportunities. "Since this new law came into effect, participation in women's athletics in high schools across the country has increased 61%. Participation in men's athletics has increased 39%" (Grant 3).
             Since there has been such an increase in the participation in the sports, many colleges and universities decided to help out by starting camps.

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