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            Rousseau's biography is important in the romanticism, it reflect the philosophical ideas of romanticism. In his confessions, He was open and frank about the way he feels and perceives his feelings. Rousseau was free to expresses his natural feelings and emotion as a human being. He saw the world in a different way. He expects society to view the world the same way. He wanted the enlightenment thinker to see the freedom of one self-freedom of love, expressing self-feelings and emotions as a natural. He believed that once you express feelings you would be happy and free. He wanted the enlightenment thinker to let people be themselves and do their own things. He wants people to follow their own desire and expect the church to respect people's desire. Rousseau's confessions serve as a bridge between the Enlightenment and emerging of Romanticism.
             Confession reveals the most intimate details of his life, both factual and emotional. It is a primary example of the religious order during that time spread with romanticism. During that time church was a decision-maker, everybody was expected to respect religious thought. Romanticism was time of one self and not "we". It was a time of expressing one self-feelings and emotion. It was a period of changes thus he was free to express his personal feelings/ emotion without any fear. "I venture to believe that I am not made like any of those who are in existence. If I am not better, at least I am different" (Lawall 428) Romanticism placed more emphasis on the emotional side of human beings, on the virtues of nature, and on the perfectibility of nature.
             Moreover, Rousseau's confessions prove that he understood the difference between his ideals and reality, and he can maintained his idea as means to achieve his goal. "I would have sacrificed my happiness a thousand times for that of the person whom I loved". (Lawall 432) Rousseau was flexible enough to deal in the realm of practicality as well, a quality many Enlightenment thinkers lacked.

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