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Bare Bodies

             Victoria's Secret is an easily recognized brand. I chose to write on a Victoria's Secret ad featuring their new line called, "Body Bare". The ad shows a delicate, skinny, model, with her back slightly arched, gazing into the distance. Her shiny, bronze skin greatens her sensuality and specialized prowess. The dim lighting.
             implies mystery and seduction. This ad exudes an image of pampering and sexiness. It doesn't depict comfort, but a glamorous model in seductive attire.
             Lingerie advertisements are designed for women ages 15-30, who are the most likely to wear what is advertised. These are the people who read the fashion magazines in which Victoria's Secret ads appear. Advertisers are trying to reach the group that is most image conscious. The people behind this ad and others like it have failed to grasp the female audience. This is ironic considering the fact that women are the ones that wear lingerie.
             Men are the target audience of ads such as this. Lingerie ads picture attractive, barley clothed women. Victoria's Secret catalogs, runway shows, and magazine ads are all pointedly geared towards men. They specifically target men over 35. At 35 years old, most men are either married or in serious relationships. They spend money on Victoria's Secret products for the woman in their lives. Advertisements were aired during the Super Bowl. Victoria's Secret models were even featured in Sports Illustrated. Women are not affected by lingerie ads the way men are.
             In the Body Bare advertisement, the model's matching underwear set go perfectly with her unreal eye color. The shadowing creates a slimming effect and this strikes on the nerves of female consumers. Advertisements like these embody the "perfect" woman, primarily thin, but also almost exclusively white, young, and affluent. Advertisers are not using real women to model their products. This is sending a message to average women that they are not good enough unless they are pleasing to look at.

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