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Black Death In Middle Ages

            The Black Death was a disease that started to spread through Europe. It was highly unpleasant and took only three or four days to kill you. Most importantly, it was the most contagious, or wide spread disease of the time. It seemed that if you just saw a person with the Black Plague, three days later you would be dead yourself. .
             The black Plague began in the Gobi desert in the 1320's. From there it spread west, arriving in Constantinople in 1347. It traveled the trade routes, racing from Sicily to Marseilles (in France) to Paris and jumping across the channel to England. It then headed to the Scandinavian countries. No one could understand why, or how to prevent it. Europe felt their God had abandoned them, as if falling into a gutter without anyone helping.
             The coming of the Black Death. In just two years one third to one half of Europe's population was destroyed. Bubonic plague had been absent from Western Europe for nearly a period of a thousand years when it appeared in 1348. The reaction was immediate and harmful. About to two-thirds of the population in major cities in Europe succumbed to the plague in the first two years. Government, and trade came to a halt. The reaction of this terrible disease for Europeans was mostly irrational and superstitious. Plague stimulated authors and poets to write about effects the on society if this disease endures. The violence against outsiders was demonstrated, in a tragically negative manner. Women lepers and Jews were said to be the people that polluted the society which caused God to be angry.
             Not since the sixth century had such an epidemic attacked Europe. Bubonic plague is seen in the swellings, or buboes. They inflate the lymph nodes at the neck, armpit or groin, while the pneumonic plague affects the lungs and victims choke on their blood. .
             Reaction to the Plague .
             ?The outbreak has collapsed communities. Families set against each other, the well rejecting the sick.

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