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Breakdown Of Tolkien

            Imagine being in a world before the industrial world and into a world where magic and mystery are the dominant force of life. Step back into a world where there are monsters, demons and evil wizards, but with this, there are friends all of kinds, fairies and good wizards. Here one has entered the world created by Tolkien, Middle Earth. . Tolkien went beyond creating a physical world; he created a world where he applied his own worldly views. The key aspects of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings are Good Versus Evil, individuals Christian and anti-Christian basis, and the extent of imagination. .
             On Middle Earth, evil is the antithesis of imagination, and is dependent on devastation and decay for its basis. Conversely, righteousness is built from the beauty of creation and the safeguarding of anything that has been created. The symbols of these two opposing forces are seen as the Elven Rings, which symbolize good, and the One Ring, which is pure evil. A main theme seen within Tolkien's prequel, The Hobbit, is a battle within one self between good and evil. "Early in the narrative [The Lord of the Rings], Frodo recalls that his Uncle Bilbo, especially during his later years, was fond of declaring that there was only one Road; that is was like a great river: its spring were at every doorstep, and ever path was tributary" (Wood, 208). Wood's analyzing of the Tolkien's works brings out one of his main aspects of his writing, the internal conflict of good versus evil. .
             Bilbo, the main character of The Hobbit, always displayed good thoughts throughout the novel. The prime example of his integrity is displayed when Bilbo displayed pity for Gollum and lets him live in the dark caves of the Misty Mountains. Later in the Fellowship, down in the Mines of Moria, Gandalf lectured Frodo by showing him the righteousness of Bilbo's act of pity on Gollum, he stated, "Pity? It was pity that stayed his hand.

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