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Campus Credit Cards

            In mere recent years, our colleges and universities have begun to forbid promotions by credit card marketers at an alarming rate. The numbers have increased dramatically over the past few years, and they are only expected to remain on the rise. Given that credit cards have essentially become a necessity in today's economy, card companies have been driven to market on college campuses. This has resulted in providing nearly a quarter of students with a credit card. Due to the broader financial options today, banks and card companies a more willing to step out on a ledge in these markets. If banks and lenders alike were to acknowledge of Thomas Aquinas, they would cease to exist. Aquinas writes, "To take usury for money is unjust in itself, because this is to sell what does not exist, and this evidently leads to inequality which is contrary to justice." Unfortunately, most card companies are luring students into somewhat of an addiction, an addiction to piling on debt that they cannot handle, an addiction to plastic. With this in mind, should the marketing of credit cards be permitted at our colleges and universities?.
             Because college students throughout the U.S. spend nearly $100 billion annually, they are likely to remain big spenders once they finish college and enter adulthood. The current youth generation has more buying power than ever, and companies, including credit card companies, are spending millions of dollars each year to catch their eyes in hopes that they will buy into their products. Credit card companies are the biggest spenders in advertising today in the college market. College students are hard to reach nowadays. Simple advertisements in newspapers and on television just do not get the point across. This is why creditors target the students on campus. When advertising on campus, they are able to better explain the terms and conditions of their product as well as the many "so-called" perks of having their credit card.

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