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Canterbury Tales

             Which book do you remember most having to read in high school? I bet it was Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales". This book having 22 tales with in is a classic of the English literature. Written in the early 1300s it is unknown why it was never finished. For the past centuries this book has been challenged and banned by many. The tales to most is a work of art while to some is nothing more than sex and vulgarity on pages. The Canterbury Tales is classified as one of the hundredths of literary arts to be listed as a banned book. The following is a summery of the novel, who were the ones responsible for its banning, and for what reason it is banned. .
             The Canterbury tales is a compilation of stories set within a framing story of a pilgrimage to Canterbury. In medieval time, citizens from varying social groups would gather at the Tabard Inn to set forth there pilgrimage to Canterbury, for the blessings of St. Thomas's Becket , an English martyr. The group ranging in status from a Knight to a humble Plowman, are a sample of the 14th-century English society. Included in the pilgrimage is Chaucer himself. The host of the Tabard Inn suggest that in order to make the pilgrimage more interesting, each should tell tales on the way to Canterbury and on there return. It is agreed that the person who tells the best tale should be rewarded dinner at the Tabard Inn courtesy of the group. The first to tell his story is the Knight. His story is about knights, honor and love. After the knight's story, the host requests the monk to tell one, but is rudely interrupted by the miller. The Miller tells a story about a stupid carpenter that is fooled by his promiscuous young wife. This story insults the Reeve, because he used to be a carpenter, and follows by telling a tale that insults the Miller. The Reeve's story is about a dishonest miller who in the end is revenged by two college students who sleep with his wife and daughter.

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