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Census Report For Bronx, Kings, And Nassau

            After analyzing the Census Data for the counties of the Bronx, Kings, and Nassau I found that just by looking at the figures many different conclusions can be drawn. Many of the conclusions drawn were based upon the similarities and differences between the three counties. These comparisons between counties show us that the social problems are going to be different and also provide a helpful explanation to part of the social problem of poverty in society.
             Most of the differences that were found were between Nassau county, and the Bronx and Kings counties. The percentage of white residents in Nassau County is at least 40% more than the Bronx and Kings counties. The amount of blacks in the Bronx and Kings is at least 25% more than Nassau County. Also the female population in Nassau is increasing while in the Bronx and Kings it is decreasing. .
             There were also similarities between all of the counties. There are more women than men in the population, the highest percentage in the age category was between the ages of 25 and 64, and the amount of whites has decreased from 1990 to 2000. .
             Although these are distinct differences and similarities between the counties we still need more information to draw a conclusion about each county and its social problems pertaining to poverty. Let's look at some tables with data about education, gender, minority, income, and households. .
             Married Couples and Female Headed Households.
             Table 1 1990 Bronx 2000 1990 Kings 2000 1990 Nassau 2000.
             Married 34.5% 31.4% 40.5% 38.6% 66.4% 63.1%.
             Female Headed 28.0% 30.4% 21.5% 22.3% 10.2% 10.9%.
             This table shows the percentage of married couples vs. female headed households and the percentage change from 1990 to 2000. There are about 20% more married couples in Nassau than in the Bronx or Kings. We also see that Nassau has the least percentage of female headed households, only 10.

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