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Analaysis Of Ronald Reagans Farewell Address

            Very rarely does a President stand before the nation he has served, and thank them. In his 34th and final speech, Ronald Reagan did just that. This heartfelt, persuasive speech not only bid farewell to the American people, it thanked them and summarized the changes that had been accomplished in Reagan's eight year term. He encouraged the American people to go forward with the roles that had been set for them, to embrace their nation and fulfill the expectations of freedom.
             The purpose of this speech was to say farewell to the American people, to thank them, to recap on what had been accomplished in the eight years he had been president, and to encourage the people to continue making this nation a wonderful one. The specific purpose of this speech was stated in the very first few lines of the speech when Reagan said " We've been together for 8 years now, and soon it"ll be time for me to go. But before I do, I wanted to share some thoughts, some of which I've been saving for a long time." This sentence was also used as his first of many attention getter. Reagan was a great public speaker and knew just how to get the public's attention. .
             The introduction previewed the main points precisely and clearly. Reagan stated that he wanted to share some thoughts, some of which he had never shared. He felt as if he had neglected the people on a personal level. Driving by to fast, with someone else driving, looking through tinted glass to see parents holding up children, and people waving, the frustration of not being able to stop and talk, or to wave back. He hoped that through this speech, he could connect with the American people. .
             The main body of his final speech contained his first memory aid. A story of a sailor, rescuing refugees trying to get to America. They had called him "Freedom Man." Reagan continued on to address in chronological order the events that had shaped the past 8 years. Smoothly transitioning from the early eighties with the recession to the expansion and re-establishment of American pride and patriotism.

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