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Critical Analysis comparing Donne

            Write a critical Analysis comparing Donne's "Elegy xix. To His Mistress Going to Bed" with Herbert's "Prayer", in which you discuss the texts as artifacts of the Renaissance.
             The two poems mentioned in the title above are not only seen as artifacts of the Renaissance. The metaphysical, poets John Donne and George Herbert can also be compared with each other as there are distinct differences and similarities between them. These comparisons between the poets help the reader to gain an interesting and richly flavoured meaning to each of the texts.
             Donne and Herbert were closely associated with each other in the late sixteenth century. It is also noted that there was a great influence of Donne upon the works of Herbert. However, most of the poetry of Herbert's that is influenced by Donne, is love poetry, and his religious verse is of a later period in his life (T.S Elliot, 1962, pg 18). Herbert gained most of his inspiration through "faith, in hunger and thirst after godliness and in his self-questioning and religious meditation"(T.S Elliot 1962, PG 19). Here, one can suggest the differences between the careers of Donne and Herbert in the church. Donne was the Dean of St Paul's, whose sermons drew many crowds in the City of London. Herbert was the shepherd of a little flock of rustics, to whom he laboured to explain, the meaning of the rights of the church and the significance of Holy Days, in language they could understand (T.S Elliot, 1962, pg 26) So, although Herbert held the charm and ability to be recognized in the higher structures of society, he dedicated his life to God, in a humble yet proud manner, and his poems (in The Temple), reflect this remarkably unique character. .
             "Prayer (1)" by George Herbert (C.A Patrides, 1976, pg 70) gives the reader Herbert's feelings about prayer. It takes form of an explanation by a rapid succession of analogies, which is a popular technique among Elizabethan sonneteers.

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