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Changing Up Our Act

            A boy and his father were stopped at a red light. The boy out his window and notices a bright neon sign, ands asks his father "What dose XXX mean?" The father quickly changes the subject and drives away. This is just one of the questions and controversy that a strip club could bring to a community. It seems that in the past decade strip clubs have been sprouting up all across the country, sometimes in small communities. Strip clubs are detrimental in that they show that sexual acts are acceptable in today's society, they only provide enjoyable entertainment to a particular audience, and problems that occur in the club can lead to problems in the community.
             One major concern that strip clubs bring to a community is that they show the younger generation that sexual acts are acceptable in today's society. This can be proven in a number of ways. One way that they show unacceptable behavior is by placing advertisements in newspapers with coupons attached or over the radio and television announcing a wet T-shirt contest or amateur night to name a few. Another way that strip clubs show sexual acceptance is by how well it pays. Since you don't need a degree to get up on stage and dance to music while removing articles of clothing many young adults think of this as an easy way to make money with out having to get an education.
             Even some movies and television shows present the idea that strip clubs are acceptable. For instance, Porkeys, a movie made in the seventies which portrays a group of high school kids from a small town sneaking into a strip club and having the time of their lives until being throw out. This alone gives young viewers the belief the sexual acts like stripping are a good thing. It is now at the point where television shows are also encouraging it. One show that makes strip clubs seem acceptable is Married With Children. In this show Al Bundy makes strip clubs out to be the greatest place on earth, an example to support this is, when he takes his son Bud on his eighteenth birthday.

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