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Charles Spurgeon

             by Ernest W.
             Spurgeon Heir of the Puritans is the biography of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, one of the greatest and most popular preaches who ever lived. Spurgeon was born on June 19, 1834, in Kelvedon, Essex, to John and Eliza Spurgeon. At the age of 18 months, for reasons unknown, Charles was sent to live with his grandparents who had strong influences on his life. .
             Even though his grandfather and father were both pastors, it wasn't until Spurgeon was nearly 16 that he gave his life to Christ. On a Sunday morning, January 6, 1850, Spurgeon started to church looking for answers to the many question he had on salvation. Because of a terrible storm he could not attend the church he had planned on. He ended up at a Primitive Methodist church where God used a simple preacher to explain that all he had to do was look to Christ and trust His work on the cross. .
             Spurgeon's one desire was for God to use him to preach the gospel as his father and grandfather did. At the age of 16 Spurgeon preached his first sermon and at the age of 17 became the pastor of a small village church called Waterbeach. At the age of 19 Spurgeon was called to pastor the New Park Street Chapel in London. He became very popular and by the time he was 21 his sermons were being published and to the this very day he remains very popular.
             Shortly after he came to the New Park Street Chapel, Charles Spurgeon met and married Susannah Thompson. Spurgeon considered her as a gift from God and a much needed helpmeet for his ministry. .
             Spurgeon was preaching to crowds of 6,000 in the newly constructed Metropolitan Tabernacle. Although Spurgeon never received a college education, he was known for his intelligence and knowledge of the Word of God. The time spent on preparations for his sermons was Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. At one time Spurgeon was having a difficult time in preparing a message for a Sunday service.

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