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Charter Schools: Are They Making The Grade?

             The best educational methods and philosophies are only valuable if they can be put into practice. Charter schools offer educational creators the freedom to design and put to work educational programs that must meet specific state standards and expectations but have a lot more flexibility in the way they reach their goals. Charter schools can be fashioned based on an educational model that is seen by its creators as the best way for their students to gain academic achievement. .
             In a time when:.
             "Public education has reached a crisis that frustrates and embitters many educators and parents, a more effective system will recognize and reward talent, expanding opportunities for committed educators and parents who want to create new kinds of public schools." (Nathan. 1996, p83).
             Since there are no easy solutions for improving schools and student learning, a need exists for many channels focused on education. Former United States Secretary of Education, Richard W. Riley expressed the need for reform, "We are committed to focusing on turning around troubled schools and undertaking comprehensive education reform that creates and sustains safe and high performing schools" (Riley. 1997, p8). If developed and maintained properly, charter schools can be a viable answer to public school reform as well as offer an option for students that have difficulties in a traditional classroom setting (Khirallan. 2002). .
             As with any highly controversial issue, there are many sides to this argument and many people have something to contribute (either for or against) the development and widespread of charter schools as a method of public education reform. Advocates of charter schools boast that they are making a failing system work with innovative teaching methods, smaller class size, and the ultimate freedom from the state to create and implement an educational program designed especially for and by themselves to meet the unique and individual needs of its students (Strasser.

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