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            My paper is going to be about a network management solution by Cisco Systems known as Internet Operational Support System (OSS). This system has several benefits and solutions for many different services provided that deal with aspects of the Internet. These include Broad band service, metro services, voice over IP infrastructure management, and management of virtual private networks. .
             Cisco Internet OSS is a foundation and framework for service providers who want to rapidly deploy and operate profitable new services. It is designed for next generation IP-based services and packet network infrastructures. Cisco Internet OSS integrates architecture and standards, product and integrated offerings, and partners to provide end to end management and enablement of intelligent network services. This system adds to operational efficiency, accelerates delivery of tailored next generation services and scales to support the global Internet.
             Cisco Internet OSS offers integrated management offerings that allow service providers to concentrate on marketing, sales and customer service rather than monitoring and maintaining the network or implementing complex, work-intensive processes to provision the services they offer to their customers. The one I am going to focus primarily on in my paper is its Broadband Cable solution aspect, which provides service fulfillment, service assurance, and service billing based on the Cisco Internet OSS platform. The platform provides a "plug and play" architecture for easy integration of legacy and new applications. This reduces the cable operator's time to market, enabling a quicker capture of the higher revenues produced during early technology adoption. This OSS solution can be used to manage a variety of cable solutions including high-speed data-managed access. H.323 voice, PacketCable compliant NCS-based voice, video on demand, interactive TV and so on.

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