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            Are class sizes to big in the America school system today? In my personal opinion, I feel that overpopulated classrooms are mainly a quandary in the lower.
             elementary grades. The number of children in schools is prolifically increasing in the overpopulated areas of the country, such as; New York, California, new Jersey and other mid-west and east coast states. (www.ed.gov) I choose to do my educational issue paper on class sizes because I feel that it has a negative impact on young children in today's school system. Also, going through my education experience, my classes were all small and I felt that the student and teacher interaction was very helpful for me to achieve my academic success. I feel that all students need and deserve the one on one attention to reach the zenith of their academic success. Some benefits of small class sizes would be; students receive more personal attention in smaller classrooms. Reviewing existing data kept by the United States Department of Education, the figures show that between 1969 and 1997 the average number of pupils per teacher in American public and private elementary schools fell from 25.1 to 18.3, a decline greater then 27 percent. In secondary schools the numbers also fell, from 19.7 to 14. (Scientific America, 2001) An example of how classroom sizes can have a negative effect on children would be; a student with a learning disability may not be able to receive all the care and attention he/she deserves if a teacher had to tend to a larger classroom. Whereas if she only had a class with fewer students then average in it, she would be able to facilitate the students needs in a better more manner. (www.ed.gov) Another reason would be the fewer amount of students in the classroom translate into less noise and disruptive behavior, which not only gives the teacher more time for class work, but also more time to engage students creativity-by dividing them into groups for specific projects.

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