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Cleopatra VII And The Ptolemaic Dynasty

            Cleopatra VII and the Ptolemaic Dynasty .
             Alexandria conquered the world for over nine hundred years politically, culturally, and economically. (http:/touregypt.net/alexhis1.htm) Alexandria's location on the Mediterranean coast aided in its success. It was a bridge between Europe and Africa and was far away from the invasions of Barbarians. Alexandria was the new capital of Egypt, it replaced Memphis, and the Ptolemaic dynasty came into rule. When the Greeks came into Egypt, many changes occurred. People and goods were able to move over the Nile Valley and the Delta because of new systems of roads and canals. (http:/touregypt.net/alexhis1.htm) There was better military security and cultural and social beliefs spread rapidly. Alexander took over Egypt and made it part of the Greek Empire. Then he named Alexandria after himself. He died and his Empire was divvied up between his generals. Ptolemy was one of them and took Alexandria as his capital. The Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt for the next two and half centuries. Wine producing grapes and cotton were grown and foreign trade took place with luxury goods. Ptolemy absorbed Egypt's religion with their own and built temples for the gods that they worshipped. Ptolemy's rule was successful partly because he chose to adopt Egyptian culture. There was a golden age for Alexandria and for Egypt. Scholars and artists from all over the world were invited by Ptolemy to aid in the learning culture of Alexandria. (http:/touregypt.net/alexhis1.htm) A library was built to preserve the Greek culture because Ptolemy thought that their culture was superior. The Library contained almost fifty thousand books, which was amazing at that point in time. (http:/touregypt.net/alexhis1.htm) During Julius Caesar's war against Pompey, parts of the Library may have been destroyed, but no one knows what really happened to it. It could have been only a small portion that had been damaged by the war.

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