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Intellectual Property Protection

             With the development of international technological resolution and the increased proportion of technology trade, intellectual property plays an increasingly important role in international trade and push international trade to the ripe and sane development in order. Therefore, enforcing the intellectual property protection in international trade draws attention of all countries in the world, including China. The western countries headed by U.S.A. are always not willing to only send their knowledge products to each corner of the earth, but they want to bring their culture, values, legal thought and behavior all rules to other countries. So, developed countries, such as U.S.A. and European Community, etc. argue for embodying the issue of intellectual property right into " Uruguay Round" negotiation, in order to design the rule of intellectual property protection of the world according to their requests. Because as for developed countries, the meaning of pursuing the protection system of intellectual property of the whole world has gone beyond intellectual property protection for a long time, and it was transformed to the means to be a kind of economic competition. Utilizing the trend of economic integration nowadays, the developed countries such as U.S.A. links the intellectual property with international trade by force, and force developing countries to accept the international rules of intellectual property ruled by developed countries. It is embodied in the achievement of the negotiation of "Uruguay Round" mainly, (TRIPS). Obviously, the establishment of protection rule of international intellectual property really stands that it is the national interest to a great extent, especially it is the result of the measure swords of the interests between developed countries and developing countries.

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