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St. Peter & The Coliseum

             I preferred my assignment to cover the most important and the oldest architecture styles in the history. The Renaissance, and the Ancient Roman Architecture. These styles had a lot of influences on Rome during the history. They changed Rome into a beautiful city. I've chosen two buildings, The St. Peter and The Coliseum, to represent these styles. In fact the whole St. peter (including St. Peter's Square) exists out of two architecture styles: The Renaissance and the Baroque. St. Peter's basilica represents Renaissance architecture and the St. Peter's Square represents the Baroque style and the Coliseum is a beautiful example of the Ancient Roman architecture. In the next paragraphs I'll explain these architectural styles and I'll also give examples from other buildings to give a better view of these styles.
             Ancient Roman Architecture.
             The Roman Empire lasted from 509 BC to AD 330. Early Roman art reflected its past in Etruscan civilization, but as the empire expanded, a distinctly Roman art emerged, the art of many different peoples and classes, from emperors to slaves. The architecture of the Romans was, from first to last, an art of shaping space around ritual". In other words, Ancient Roman architecture was regulated by their custom of a system of rites.
             The first Roman architects were priests. The religious leaders wanted a location were they could say, "Whatever happens here is a sign from the gods". They would just declare a space for the gods and the place's dimensions for their ritual of worship. For the most part, the Romans were taught to build with solid materials during this primitive stage to form their visions. .
             The Romans learned most of their architectural techniques by the Etruscans and the Greeks. They utilized natural materials to form plaster and brick to make their structures. The Romans also connected each building with a network of streets. .
             Once Ancient Rome became a dominating world power, a revolution in architecture began.

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