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A Fairy Tale Castle outside Beijing

             ¡ ¡Seven ways to enjoy RGHCM Garden Resorts for big companies, sports addicts, garden-goers, sea vultures, family sharers and others.
             ¡ ¡Seven ways for corporations, athletes, garden-lovers, sea-goers, families, and others to enjoy RGHCM Garden Resorts .
             ¡ ¡Upon your first sight at RGHCM, you think you are in mediaeval Europe. RGHCM Garden Resorts looks like a castle from a fairy tale. When you enter, you feel as if you are in Alice's dream. A beautiful western garden scene, castle-style villas, white lakes, beautiful fuontains, bridges, and more than one hundred kinds of arbors and shrubs await you. .
             ¡ ¡On 25 September 2002, RGHCM Garden Resorts became Beijing's first 5-star resort center. Located in Miyun, a Chinese environmental county on the outskirts of Beijing, RGHCM Garden Resorts is a 21st century international tourist resort, constructed in accordance with 5-star rating criteria and patterned after British rural villas dating to 19th century. It is an ideal place for restoring health, relaxing, developing friendships, and seeking success.
             ¡ ¡The resort lies on the Baihe River, in whose rippling, clear water you can swim and boat. When darkness falls, both sides are covered with green trees and colorful lights, making you forget all your tensions.
             ¡ ¡A-G of RGHCM Garden Resorts.
             ¡ ¡Abode services.
             ¡ ¡Once you step into the lobby, the little smiling fairy, the lucky symbol of RGHCM, greets you. The lobby is a fine arts palace, featuring elements from both eastern and western cultures, a delicate painting consisting of flourishing plants and casually, colorfully dressed people smiling at you.
             ¡ ¡RGHCM Garden Resorts boasts a total of 224 guest rooms decorated in 10 odd different styles, whose furniture varies in color, fiber, fabrication, and structure. To satisfy different tastes, both individualism and home comforts are supplied. .
             ¡ ¡Business Favourites.
             ¡ ¡RGHCM's luxurious and spacious auditorium is able to house 477 persons.

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