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Crime Scene

            Practical Project: Crime Scene Investigation.
             Upon arriving at the crime scene located at the 100th block of Montana and Chippewa, I discover what appears to be a Robbery/Homicide. I approach the arriving officer who was the first person at the scene so that he could brief me, the two officers assisting me and my crime scene technician on exactly what he had discovered while arriving at the scene. The time the incident is reported is1:00 A.M. on July 6th, 2002. There has been no past history of prior events or reports to this address and the neighborhood appears to be a quiet community with a larger amount of elderly and retired citizens. The arriving officer informs me that there was a robbery in progress that turned into a Homicide. I am the investigating officer and supervisor of the crime scene so the first thing I am going to do is secure and separate witnesses and suspects. Anyone who is not involved in the scene is immediately removed with my instruction by other officers on the scene. I then instruct my two assisting officers to interview surrounding neighbors and witnesses. With the community being a quiet and elderly environment I am almost positive that someone had to have heard or scene something to add to the report. Since the suspect has not yet been arrested on the scene and the incident is a homicide I conduct a be-on-the-lookout or (BOLO). I instruct the arriving officer to provide other officers in route with as much information as possible about the suspect such as age, race, sex, clothing, scars, tattoos, and physically noticeable characteristics. The other two assisting officers will provide surrounding officers with more information about the suspect after the interviews with surrounding neighbors and witnesses have been conducted. The next thing I do is conduct an appropriate medical personnel staff to make a determination of death and the confirmation and pronouncement of death.

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