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How Should We Deal With students With Special Problems in Ph

            How should we deal with students with special problems in physical education?.
             It is always a possibility to have students with disabilities in your physical education class. Teachers must learn hoe to deal with these problems. The teacher should know what special kids are capable of and be able to include them in activities.
             One example in the article was to use the buddy system, or student assistance. Some kids may or may not need special equipment so the teacher must be prepare by being able to include them in some activities. This article doesn"t say that you must include them in every activity because this may alter the other student's physical education. .
             Teachers must be able to regulate which conditions to manage in a regular physical education class, without creating safety hazards, or affecting the class through negative behavior. .
             In secondary school, many programs emphasize elective opportunities through individual, recreational, and lifetime sports. Students with disabilities can be placed in these classes that interest them, and fit there needs. Placing students like this in Physical education classes can be done, but in probably won"t benefit them. .
             I think that having a physically challenged child in class can be challenging, but I also believe that it can be done well. The teacher may need to work a little harder and be a little more creative, but it can be done affectively.

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