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Crucible Movie Review

            The Crucible movie is adapted from the play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller. The film takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The main actors are Daniel Day-Lewis as Proctor, Winona Ryder as Abigail, Paul Scofield as Judge Danforth, Joan Allen as Elizabeth, Bruce Davison as Parris, and Rob Campbell as Hale. The movie was directed by Nicholas Hytner. This film is a drama.
             The movie and the play is based on the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. A girl Abigail accuses many people of being witches, but it all leads back to her affair with John Proctor. There are many differences from the play in the movie. Some of these differences are the scene in the woods at the beginning of the play, the extra scene with Abigail and Proctor, the movies favoring of Proctor, and the better explanation of Abigail. At the beginning of the movie you see the scene where all the girls are in the woods and are chanting and dancing. There are three extra scenes with Abigail and Proctor in the movie. There is a part by the barn where they kiss. Also, there is the extra scene in the woods where he tells her that he is going to the court the next day. Lastly, there is the scene where she comes to see him in the jail before she leaves. She offers him a chance to escape and he tells her the next time he sees her will be in hell. Another difference is that the movie favors Proctor. Things that are indifferent in the book are greatly favored towards Proctor" s side in the movie. In the play it is more the readers decision whether John is a hero or not where as in the movie it is portrayed more as John being a hero. For example the scene where he decides where he is going to confess or not and the ending scene shows him much more noble then in the book. The movie shows John as more of a better person with more emotion and remorse. An additional difference, is that the movie explains better Abigail and why she left.

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