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What Really Inspires You - Narrative Essay

            There is nothing like seeing flashing red and blue lights, with a blinding spot light shining directly on the car it has pulled over. From the intensity of the flashing lights alone, the "rubber-neckers" slow down to catch a glimpse of "what is going on!" They look to see if someone is being arrested or if the unlucky individual is getting a citation. Being that unlucky individual is something that none of us ever want to be. I think back to how many times I have been that unfortunate driver. .
             Driving back to Pennsylvania from college this past Thanksgiving, at my usual speed of 100 M.P.H., give or take 10, I was jamming to my tunes with the windows down. I had to make it home by dinner-time; mom was making her famous Sheppard's Pie. I was on Interstate 95 South driving through New York State, making "great time." There were not too many "assholes" on the road; therefore I was able to weave in-and-out of traffic easily. Excited because I made it out of Providence and Connecticut just before rush-hour started, I decided to call my mom and tell her I would be home before she expected. Mom told me to "SLOW DOWN! It is not worth getting a ticket or worse, killing yourself!" I assured her that I was fine. I was watching the sides of the road where State Troopers usually sit, to make sure there were no radar-traps. I also told her that there was hardly any traffic and I was driving "with the flow of traffic." It was very obvious in her voice that she didn"t believe me, but yet that she did trust my "safe" judgment. Moments after hanging up with mom, the unthinkable happened.
             "Woo-Woo-Woo" I see flashing red and blue lights in my rear-view mirror. My first reaction was screaming, "SHIT!" Second; I slammed on my breaks and got into the right lane, hoping that he was just passing me. I could only slow down to about 70 M.P.H. with out looking completely obvious. I made sure when changing lanes that I used all appropriate turn signals.

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