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Lesson for Kindergarteners

             Vowels are very important for children to learn. I came up with this lesson with vowels because I think vowels are the very first concept that children should learn before going on to making words and pronouncing them. There are a total of five vowels in the alphabet and they are as follows: "A, E, I, O and U." All of them are pronounced differently. By listening to Baby Bop sing the vowel song, students will be able to memorize the five vowels and also sing the vowel song as a classroom. They will also be able to pronounce the five vowels by listening to the song and singing together as a class. .
             I will first go over the five vowels with the classroom and have them pronounce the vowels after me. Students will then listen to the vowel song sung by Baby Bop from the show "Barney and Friends." After students have listened to the song carefully, they will then sing the song as a class. I will then break up the class into five groups of four of five and assign one vowel to each group. I will then have the students sing the vowels assigned to their group. The students will be able to memorize and pronounce the vowels correctly by listening to the song and by repeating it many times. .
             PROCEDURES: .
             1.) Write the vowels on the blackboard and discuss with the students what the five different vowels are. .
             2.) Have the students pronounce each vowel after the teacher as a class. .
             3.) Play the vowel song from the show "Barney and Friends" called "I Like to eat apples and bananas".
             4.) After the students hear the song, repeat the song as a classroom. .
             5.) Have the students get into five groups of five and assign each group a vowel. .
             6.) Have each group sing their assigned vowel separately. .
             MATERIALS: .
             A cd or tape with the song called "I like to eat apples and bananas" sung by Baby Bop from the show "Barney and Friends.".
             RATIONALE: .
             I have chosen this topic because I think vowels are important for students to learn before they start learning how to put words together.

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