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Death Of A Salesman

             In Arthur Miller's Pulitzer Prize-winning story entitled Death of a Salesman, a gentlemen by the name of Willy Loman, a once very successful and prosperous salesman turned exhausted deadbeat of a father, is desperately trying to rekindle his relationship with his children and trying to keep his overbearing job all at the same time. Through this trying story the author tries to convey to you the three themes of, the injustices of corporations on their employees, fantasy vs. reality, and Parent/Children relationships.
             The injustices of large corporations on their employees is clearly noted in this play. In the beginning of the second act, Willy has decided to visit with his boss Howard to see if he can work in an office in New York instead of being a traveling salesman. Howard is the son of one of Willy's old salesman buddy who he has a detailed past with, yet that doesn't seem to matter at all to Howard. Willy starts in and pretty much bluntly asks Howard if he could work in an office in New York for about sixty-five dollars an hour. Howard, who is caught off guard, slowly but surely tries to discourage Willy from his unreachable goal. Howard eventually gets Willy to ask for just forty dollars a week, then he decides to break the news to him. .
             Howard basically fires Willy because he feels that Willy is too exhausted for work, and may be slightly losing his mind. Willy pleas with Howard to at least let him keep his job that he has now and reminds him of he and his father, but it is no match for the stubborn cruelty of the injustices of corporations. So it is clear that the theme of injustices of corporations greatly attributes to the outcome of this story.
             Another theme conveyed in Death of a Salesman aside from the injustices of large corporations on their employees, is fantasy vs. reality. Willy clearly display's in this theme through his many flashbacks and unreal foreshadowing during the play.

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