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            Each individual in society has their own definition of Deviance, I define deviance as mishaps in a persons beliefs, behaviors, and conditions that society feels is different. Because each person can define deviance's in different ways, people often take offense to something one person considers deviant and another does not. For example, a handicap would not consider their condition deviance, but many people in society label the handicap as different. When people are labeled different they are treated different. As in, when I attend Rave parties society views me as deviant. To society rave people are drug addicts and troublemakers, but to me I define the party as a place to enjoy music. Music in its self is an art, and to us this is a wonderful way to express your love for the art of music. To others in society they see only the bad side of the event, we as people who enjoy the music only see the good, and we don't consider ourselves different. I carry on a normal day to day life, and at times on the weekends I enjoy relaxing with friends at a party. I can also remember when I went through the stage of bagging jeans and tight shirts strangers eyeing me as different. The look to others is different and considered deviant. While walking through stores I would constantly see workers following me, in assumptions that I would steal. I now know this is a form of deviance that many people who enjoy wearing those clothes deal with every day. To me these feelings of deviance are only small and un harmful, but to others who get accused of much larger forms of deviance feel much more pain and suffering on a daily basis.

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