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Difference Between Gibson Les Paul And Paul Reed Smith

            The Difference Between Gibson and Paul Reed Smith.
             In the world of musical instruments there is an extremely wide variety of different makers to choose form. With each different instrument there are a plethora of models that bring their own unique style and sound that comes as varied as the buyer himself. When searching to purchase musical instruments many aspects are considered in the decision. To the experienced player, purchasing a musical instrument is as big as purchasing their brand new car. One of the most common instruments bought today is the guitar. When choosing a guitar many options factor in to the decision of the buyer such as price, sound, look, and the action. .
             Two of the most recognized guitars in the world are the Paul Reed Smith and the Gibson guitars. Both PRS guitars and Gibson have managed to mark themselves as the epitome of guitars through perfect tone sound and the longevity of their products to last a lifetime. The most expensive PRS to date would be the Custom Mark Tremonti Black Single Cutaway guitar. Compared to the Gibson Les Paul Custom, the PRS exceeds it highly in price but between the two there is a significant difference. For the Paul Reed Smith Mark Tremonti Model the price is an astronomical $3500 dollars. The reason for this price is the magnitude of the guitar excellence that it delivers not only in the studio but also on stage. Although, in contrast to the PRS, the Gibson Les Paul sets in at $2500 .
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             dollars on the price rack. Despite the thousand-dollar difference the Gibson has also established its self as a major brand for guitar player.
             One other major difference between the two guitars is the sound. Each guitar has its own distinctive sound that adds life to the music that it creates. The Paul Reed Smith has a beautiful, fastidious crisp, clean, tube like tone that many musicians crave for. Due to its heavy, solid body the guitar is able to deliver one of the cleanest sounds known in music.

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