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             As a college student at times I feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done in order to graduate. I get depressed and say to myself time and time again "You"re not going to make it." The reason for this is I don't think I am able to pass the entire math I need to in order to obtain my degree.
             At times I isolate myself from others and my loved ones because I am depressed about what the future holds for me. This seems to make me on edge more then usual. I have a hard time getting up and getting my day started. At times it seems like me against the world and I am losing a battle. .
             The experts say that depression is the "common cold" of mental disorder. Well I believe this is inaccurate. The common cold can go away but a mental disorder stays with you. I believe it stays with you at all times it may fade out but it is always there. It's like waiting to come out at your next breaking point or your next emotional break-down. .
             Today there are a lot of people that take for granted their mental capacity. They may think it may not happen to you but it could. It could come at a lost one close to you, a stressful time in your life, and it could come because a fear of something could happen to you or has happened to you.
             A molested person may have a disorder that their brain drives them to cling to the abuser or may cause them to hate the same sex that molested them. This is a mental disorder. It affects your brain in a way that some people may not be able to understand. Experts also say that there is something missing in the brain that makes people who attract the same sex partner's different from others. Maybe it's not missing but corrupted because of all the years of abuse or that the one time the abuse happened it weighs on them so bad it affects one's judgment. .
             There are a lot of mental disorder diseases that effect people in different ways then others. It could affect them in a traumatic effect or it could affect them in a little way.

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