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Domino's Pizza Operations Management

            Domino's Pizza is a service company that specializes in good food served quickly. It was the first large scale pizza franchise to offer speedy delivery. The company is famous for it's thirty-minute guarantee, which has since been discontinued. Since it's founding in 1960 the company has steadily grown to be one of the largest food franchises in the world. To stimulate this growth, the company has seen many menu changes over the years. With the introduction of new menu items, the company has had to change the structure of it's operations in order to better serve it's customers.
             Most orders that come into a Domino's Pizza restaurant come in over the phone. This is because the company only offers delivery and pick up, there is no sit-down area in a Domino's Restaurant. When a customer calls in to the restaurant, the phone person asks them if the order is for pick up or delivery. If the order is for delivery the phone person will take down the customer's telephone number. If it is a new customer, the phone person will have to take down the customer's address, but if the customer has called before, the information will already be there. From this point the printer will print out slips that can be stuck onto the individual pizza boxes and the order will move onto the next step.
             During the next step is when the food is actually prepared. Orders show up on a screen in order for the line people to make. Pizza needs to be rolled out from portioned dough, have sauce spread on it, get cheesed, and have toppings put on it. Bread Sticks, Cheesy Bread, and Cinnastix are all made using medium sized portioned dough and topped accordingly. Wings are pulled out of a bag and put on a metal sheet. All the food is put through the oven for six minutes and fifteen seconds after it is ready. From there it moves onto the next step.
             After the food comes out of the oven it is put into the proper packaging which already has the proper sticker slip on it.

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