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E-business Security

             In the 2001 survey by the Computer Security Institute and the Federal Bureau of Investigation of 538 IT professionals a Fortune 500 corporations, universities and government agencies, about 85 percent of the respondents discovered computer security break-ins in the previous year. Additionally, 64 percent acknowledged financial losses from cyber-intrusions and reported losses of more than 377 million dollars. Monetary losses are due to the theft of proprietary information and corporate secrets, as well as online financial fraud. (Sindell, pg. 13) Computer security is a big issue in today's world because almost everyone shops online for one thing or another. Throughout this paper I hope to inform you of the many different parts of an organization that have to deal with E-business security issues especially from the Chief Information Officer's point of view. .
             What is Electronic Commerce?:.
             I will first make clear what electronic business security is. Electronic business security, which I will refer to as e-business security, is concerned with all aspects of how business information is collected and handled, how hardware and software process and communicate that information, how information is stored and protected from eavesdroppers, and how system resources are configured and made safe to ensure their ready availability to legitimate users and customers. (Braithwaite, pg. 2) There are millions of businesses that depend on the internet to enhance their business. For them to succeed in this new global economy it requires individuals to feel little or no apprehension to give up their personal information. .
             In order for consumers to feel safe conducting business online companies have to step up and take the necessary steps to secure their online purchasing systems. To accomplish this an organization must first start by assessing the threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts of how the business is using information technology to support their electronic business operations.

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