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Educated Negro

            In his book, The Miseducation of the Negro, Carter G.
             issues that have been and are still prevalent in the African American community.
             Woodson believed that in the midst of receiving education, blacks lost sight of.
             their original reasons for becoming educated. He believed that many blacks.
             became educated only to assimilate to white culture and attempt to become.
             successful under white standards, instead of investing in their communities and.
             applying their knowledge to help other blacks. Supreme Court Justice Clarence.
             Thomas is a prime example of Woodson's argument on "miseducated" blacks.
             Although Thomas benefitted from programs like affirmative action, once he.
             reached the high point in his career he supported legislature to end such.
             programs. Hampton University and other Historically Black Colleges and.
             Universities must take it upon themselves to teach their students the importance.
             of contributing to their communities once they graduate and enter into the.
             business world. Colleges like Hampton, Howard, Spelman and Morehouse have the.
             opportunity to produce professionals that can restructure and save the black.
             community. Students who graduate from these institutions have the resources and.
             knowledge that are needed to revive the African American community and their.

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