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Epic Hero

             The Anglo-Saxon society had many important aspects. One crucial aspect was the epic hero. Beowulf is a great example of an epic hero, and displayed it effectively throughout the events of the poem. .
             Beowulf was considered to be the most powerful of mankind. The Geats looked upon him as their "Guardian of Crime," for he slayed every demon and fought every battle until he defeated. This soldier exposed these characteristics throughout the poem, which resemble him to be larger than life. Mankind in reality would not be capable of destroying creatures of the sea as he did during his mission to the Danish shore. He assured the king of the Danes of his bravery and strength when he mentioned, " I swam/ In the blackness of night, hunting monsters/ Out of the ocean, and killing them one/ By one; death was my errand and the fate/ They had earned" (lines 177- 181). Likewise, his defeat over Grendal also acknowledged his courageous spirit. Slaying dragons and destroying monsters unarmed are both great ways of exemplifying attributes of an epic hero. .
             Furthermore, the outcome of the warrior's conquests was always highly praised. His army and followers looked upon him as their "shepherd of evil." He kept his people as unharmed as possible, and his lands free of chaos. He had been bathed in many bloody tasks and had undertaken many glorious deeds, so his followers wouldn't experience any fright. It is proclaimed in the poem that Beowulf "Ended the grief, the sorrow, and the suffering/ Forced on Hrothgar's helpless people/ By a blood thirsty fiend" (lines 483-485). In result, this successful belligerent was made to be a savior and a perpetual hero. .
             In addition to his gory defeats, Beowulf displayed himself to be the least vain of all. He knew how to retain that line of evil and good. Even though he may have slayed many enemies he was kind at heart, thus earning himself a high status in society; for his people referred to him as, "Their beloved lord, their glorious king" (line 531).

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