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            As the clouds rolled asunder before the heights, gradually, very gradually, we saw the great mountainsides and glaciers and ridges, now one fragment, now another, through the floating rifts, until, far higher in the sky than imagination dared to suggest, a prodigious white fang - an excrescence from the jaw of the world - the summit of Everest appeared. These were words from George Mallory's first attempt at tackling Everest. George Mallory, among others, has attempted the daunting task of summiting Everest. Some have succeeded; others have failed, more often than not, resulting in death. Climbing Everest is more than just walking up a mountain; it's about understanding the risks and the amount of effort and research and the history of the mountain. The mountain is a sacred place to the natives. They let expeditions climb because of the money they pay. Most of the climbers probably don't even know the history of the mountain, or the history of the climbers who have climbed it. Complete knowledge of the history of the mountain is essential to being able to climb it successfully. .
             Commonly called Sagarmatha by the natives, Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, rising well over 8000 meters at 8848m(Jefferies 98). Everest is both an icon and a goal for people all across the world. Before Everest was summited, many countries raced to put their men on first. The first attempt to tackle Everest was in 1922, a British team led by General C.G. Bruce, but the mission proved unsuccessful. An avalanche killed seven Sherpas and the expedition was abandoned. The next expedition was launched in 1924, again a British group and again unsuccessful. After this the Dali Lama would not grant permission to attempt to summit the mountain again until 1933, and only to a British expedition. Many failed attempts were made until 1953, when a British group led by Jon Hunt was the first in putting men on Everest.

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