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Friedrich Engels

            Throughout history, there have been different people who have made revolutionary changes that has affected people to the present day and made life just that much easier to live. One of these people is Friedrich Engels. He managed to take an idea that's technically based on human decency, and to this day is known as one of the men who has revolutionized the occupational conditions of the "working class-. Alongside another historical figure, Karl Marx, Engels fought intellectually, verbally, and most of all, whole-heartedly until the day he died for the "working class- to be treated and recognized as an essential part of his era's economic system.
             "A spectre is haunting Europe-the spectre of Communism-. That is the first sentence in one of the first books written by the team of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Communism at this point in time was in its baby stage, just waiting to take off and walk all alone in a world that was already full of chaos and confusion. One of the authors, Friedrich Engels will be my focus for this research papers. Reading their book, Communist Manifesto, you'd think that these two gentlemen were born to educate everyone about communism. This statement couldn't have been more erroneous in the case of Friedrich Engels. Though many say that Engels was just a sidekick to Marx because he was not credited as much as Karl Marx for his contributions to the literary works they wrote together, Engels continued writing without Marx after Marx's death. Engels went on to edit the second and third volumes of Das Kapital (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol 6, pg. 119) and thus establishing himself as an individual, overcoming Karl Marx's shadow. .
             Friedrich Engels was born on November 28, 1820 in Barmen, Rhine Province, Prussia. (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol 6, pg. 121) Engels father owned a textile factory in Barmen and was also a partner in the Ermen & Engels cotton plant in Manchester, which Friedrich would later be part owner of.

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