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Frankenstein: A Modern Myth

            In the 21st century, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein can be viewed as a modern myth. The term "modern myth- however, when relating to the novel, can be interpreted in two different ways. Firstly, one, in current times, can view Frankenstein as a myth. Secondly, that same person, still in current times, can view Frankenstein as a myth for people existing in the time of Mary Shelly, therefore a modern myth to those of the 19th century. This essay will explore the first option after coming to the conclusion that the definition of a "modern myth- is an unsure legend and in this case can only relate to recent times. Mary Shelly's Frankenstein is a modern myth, as it explores various scientific developments, which in the 19th century, were thought of as ludicrous, but today, in the 21st century, are more believable. The reality of Mary Shelly's story is in-fact, less believable today, making it a myth because the reader of the 21st century is more knowledgeable in the realistic scientific possibilities and therefore, realizes the absurdity of creating a being purely from scientific methods. Without a doubt, Frankenstein is a modern myth in current times.
             The creation of a monster like this back in the 19th century via such unnatural means would not have so much been a myth, but rather an entertaining, gothic, fictional, totally untrue, and impossible story. This story is not a myth by the definition, an unsure legend; it was simply very unrealistic to believe that these actions could take place, therefore making it unbelievable without a doubt. However today, this story could be defined as a "modern myth-- an unsure legend - because with the current science of today this creation of life does not seem so far from reality. Therefore allowing it to be believed by some, and denied by others, leaving a sense of uncertainty and fulfilling the definition of a myth. Firstly, Frankenstein can be defined as a myth because creating a life form today is a certain and probable possibility.

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