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Frankenstein: Beauty VS Ugliness

             There is more to beauty than what meets the eye. In society, many people base beauty on outer looks alone rather than taking the time to see deep into the spirit of beauty, which skulks beneath the skin and bones. In Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, the monster's actions are a mere reflection of society's ignorance towards his appearance. The actions that the monster fulfills throughout the novel are simply based on the struggle between beauty and ugliness. The monster's beauty reflects actions based on morals, goodness, and sincere feelings; whereas his ugliness represents actions of evil and revenge.
             The monster starts off as an experiment brought to life and beautified by Victor's love for science and creation. The beauty contained by the monster is deep within his making and can also be defined as natural or inner beauty. Society can easily overlook the beauty beneath the physical form, as did Victor. At the beginning of his project, Victor was close to his family, and experienced love and good feelings towards everything that he did. That is where the monster received the feeling of inner beauty. When Victor finished the monster, he was away from his family for quite a bit, and was experiencing a period of ugliness and madness. That is why the outside of the monster was made ugly. When Victor looked at his monster, he was disgusted because he couldn't see the beauty that he put into his creation. All Frankenstein could see was the horrible, ugly visage of a hideous monster, which caused him to be reluctant to admit that the monster was similar to himself. Just as society turn their backs on those with little or no external beauty, Victor turns his back on his monster. Upon doing so, Victor instilled a new feeling of ugliness inside the monster. Instead of fortifying the beauty that the monster possessed, Victor's action of abandonment brought out the ugliness that was created.

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