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Frederick Douglass: An American Slave

            Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass:.
             I just finished reading the book titled Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An.
             American Slave. I feel that this book was very well written. Frederick Douglass did an excellent.
             job of giving a accounts of what is what like to be a slave in America. He was able to make it.
             feel like you were a slave along side of him with the outstanding amount of specific detail that he.
             gave throughout the book. Before reading this book I knew about slavery and knew that the.
             slaves were not treated well, but at the conclusion of my reading I had a much better.
             understanding of the wretchedness of their conditions and the severity of the beatings that the.
             slaves were given for the smallest mistakes and for standing up for their rights as a human being.
             The author of my book was obviously Frederick Douglass himself. He was an African.
             American that was born into slavery in the United States. Douglass" born name was Frederick.
             Augustus Washington Bailey, but throughout his life span and his escape to freedom, his name.
             was changed numerous times. He was a more fortunate slave and was able to learn to read and.
             write and was also fortunate enough to be able to escape to the north after few failed attempts. .
             He lived the first twenty or so years of his life being a slave and being traded from plantation to.
             plantation. When he escaped, he was able to get away to New Bedford where he was able to live.
             freely with his wife.
             Frederick Douglass didn't have a set thesis in this book, but from my observation in.
             saying that a good thesis would be that, slavery was the most horrific way of living a lifetime,.
             and that living a life of slavery one was most unlucky compared to any free man. In my saying.
             that this would be a good guess at a thesis for this book, Douglass did an excellent job of.
             supporting the thesis. The point of view that Douglass gives is far from skeptical. He was.

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