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Fredrick Douglass

            On July 5th 1852, Frederick Douglass gave his speech, "The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro," to a group of white abolitionist women in Rochester, New York. It tells a story of the history of slavery, about the barbaric traditions of the American nation. The speech talks about the equality of slaves to the white people in terms of manhood, and in the eyes of god. This writing has deep meaning and also carries a sense of symbolism.
             Fredrick Douglass wrote this political document to send a word out to the whites and make them think. He wanted to show the whites how the black slaves feel, think, and the many things that were taken away from them, not only physically but also emotionally. Douglass's goal and purpose for writing this document is the hope to completely abolish slavery. He is hoping to make the whites stop and think about how wrong it is and to unite with one another. This document shows that the blacks or just people in general strongly value freedom and society. They believe that we all should be treated as one.
             Over the years, history has repaired itself. Blacks did not have the same freedoms and the rights as the whites. Now a day, blacks and whites seem equal to each other. They have the same freedoms and rights.

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