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Free Will Vs. Determinism

             Some of these questions are trivial, temporary, they.
             pertain only to the present situation and come and go as the times change. What.
             do I want for lunch today? Where am I going to meet my friends for this.
             evening's entertainment? Then there are other questions that pertain to the.
             very nature of life and to the make-up of what we are as humans. Where did I.
             come from? What is my purpose? Can I affect a change during my time here Earth? .
             Among these important questions lies one that refers to our intrinsic ability.
             choose. Do we even have this ability? Do we have a will that is sovereign, or.
             is our will dominated by outside influences? Is our will free or is it.
             pre-determined? This latter question lies behind a debate, millennia old. Some.
             believe that man began dealing his will, in the Garden of Eden. Was Eve free to.
             choose abstinence from the apple, or was she beguiled by a greater intellect,.
             the serpent Lucifer? In turn, was Adam free to say no to Eve, or were his.
             actions predetermined by events out of his control? Great philosophers like.
             Plato, and modern writer's like King and Orwell, have all touched on this.
             subject, purposefully or unintentionally. When the two terms are clearly.
             defined and the issues addressed for what they truly are, free will emerges as.
             the more reasonable, plausible philosophy.
             According to Arthur Schopenhauer, "Will power is to the mind like a strong.
             blind man who carries on his shoulders a lame man who can see." The free will.
             is the motor behind our actions. The messages our mind sends out, whether they.
             be in the form of actions or of thoughts, stem from a free will. Free will.
             acknowledges the existence of outside influences that can factor into a.
             "willing." Even with these factors of influence taken into consideration, the.
             final step of willing, is still entirely free. After having taken into account.
             all presiding influences, one can still, presumably, "will" against every.

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