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Frueds Interpretation Of Dreams

             Sigmund Freud was born on the sixth of May in eighteen fifty-six in the town of Freiberg, of the Czech republic. At the age of three Sigmund and his family moved to Vienna. This is where Freud spent the rest of his seventy-nine years. When Freud went to college, it took him eight years to graduate form the University of Vienna. When Freud finally did graduate he fell in love with Martha Bernays. He changed his place and type of study for her so that he could support a family. Sigmund and Martha finally tied the knot in September of Eighteen Sixty-six. In October Eighteen Eighty-seven, their first child was born. They had five children after that, the last, named Anna, born in Eighteen Ninety-five. She was the only one of Freud's children to become a psychoanalyst. Although Martha devoted her life to Sigmund and his children, she showed little appreciation to his work. Anna became close to her father and followed everything that he did, and cared for him through his terminal illness. Freud's terminal illness was cancer, which was the result of him smoking heavily. Freud loved to write and document everything. His writings on psychoanalysis alone concluded of twenty-four volumes. Sigmund's personality was considered to be obsessive. This means that he was a compulsive worker, scrupulous and obstinate. (Storr, 1995) In nineteen hundred, Sigmund Freud wrote a book called Interpretation of Dreams, which is considered today a classic, because it was the first book to ever touch on the idea of dreams coming from the unconscious mind. This book introduced the many of Freud's new dream theories, which of many we still use today. .
             "Sigmund Freud affirmed that, with very few exceptions, dreams were disguised, hallucinatory fulfillments of repressed wishes." (Storr, 1995) He also stated that .
             " dreams not only represented current wishes, but were also invariably expressions of wish-fulfillments dating from early childhood.

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