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Death in the Woods

             "Death in the Woods" by Sherwood Anderson is an interesting story. The boy who told the story gathered all the facts he could from the time he witnessed the death of the old woman when he was a young boy up to the time when he grew up as a man and understood the real point of the story. The narration of the story was divided into five parts. The first part talks about the old woman who used to visit the town to get the food she needs in exchange for the chicken eggs she brings. It also narrated the old woman's life when she was young, the kind of life she had when she worked under the German farmer and how she met her husband. The second part talks about the old woman's married life, the way she was maltreated by her husband and how bad her son had grown-up and became irresponsible like his father. The third part talks about her son and the woman he brought with him. It also talked about how she crossed the woods in order to go home and feed the animals and provide food and service to her husband and son. It described how she slowly got tired and gave in to death. It also showed how the dogs behaved like wolves, the way they run around in a circle like giving a death ceremony for the old woman. The fourth part talked about how the dead body of the old woman was found and how the people in the town specially the men reacted and mystified by the old woman's death. The last part talked about the investigations done about the old woman's death and it also explained how the young boy gathered the facts in his story. The story stated that the old woman was destined to feed animal life from her childhood up to her old age even after her death. The boy pointed out that things or situations not understood deeply would not give an interesting result and the beauty of the story would not be appreciated.

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