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Fundamentals Of Basketball

            Adults have fun playing on neighborhood playgrounds, backyards, and on driveways. As few as two players can play; all they need is a ball, a basket and a level surface to serve as a court. .
             "Basketball requires teamwork, fast reactions, and endurance. Tall players have the advantage because they are closer to the goal or above other players to shoot and get rebounds. Smaller players also add to their teams as shooters and ball handlers."" (www.powerbball.com).
             "A regulation basketball court measures 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. Courts for high school games may be 84 feet long. Most basketball courts are made of wood. Various lines, 2 inches wide mark the court into sections. A basket and a backboard hang over each end of the court. Each backboard must be 4 feet inside the end line. The basket has a rim, net, and backboard support. The rim has a cast iron hoop 18 inches in diameter and not more than 5/8 inches thick. The rim is attached to metal plate bolted to the backboard so it is parallel to the floor and 10 feet above it. Most backboards are made of clear fiberglass or metal. The cotton or synthetic fabric net is attached to the rim and has a hole in the bottom large."" (www.fastbreak.com) .
             "Basketball is played with an inflated orange or brown leather ball. A ball for the boys and men's game weights between 20 and 22 ounces and is about 30 inches in circumference. Girls and women use a slightly smaller ball that weights between 18 to 20 ounces and is about 29 inches in circumference."" (www.powerbasketball.com) .
             A standard basketball uniform is a sleeveless shirt, shorts, white socks and lightweight canvas or leather shoes with rubber soles. The shirt and shorts is a lightweight cotton or polyester. Each shirt has a number so the officials and onlookers can easily identify the player. .
             The five players of a team play both defense and offense. When a team has the ball they are on offense; when the opponent has the ball the other team is playing defense.

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