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Funding Environmental Protection

            Funding of environmental protection projects has always been a controversial subject. The process of calculating exactly how much money and resources should be given to a project is very complex due to the uncertainy of the end results. However, if we neglect the protection of our environment the damage in the future may be irreversable, and the environmental and economic outcomes devastating. .
             The most important reason that we invest money into environmental protection is to ensure the security and preservation of our natural resources. We must be able to constantly replace the amount of resources we use up and ensure the proper amount be available for future generations to use. This is known as a sustainable economy and is described in Environmental Economics as an economy "in which investment in social capital allows the economy to grow so that people are at least as well off in the future as they are in the present, while sustaining the health of ecological systems."pg11.
             Sustainable development is a very prudent course of action to take, yet some still do not completely support the idea. The government document SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: CONDITIONS, PRINCIPLES AND ISSUES states that the reason for this is the "concepts are difficult to instill because they are often removed from the day-to-day reality and have benefits that will be felt only in the more or less distant future." .
             The funding of protection projects is also crucial in maintaining our planets distinct biodiversity. It has been proven that when you damage or eliminate one part of an ecosystem you indirectly effect everything within that ecosystem and create unbalance. Thus, we need to ensure the continued balance of our ecosystem is not disturbed or else the effects of disrupting it may alter our environment in negative ways. For example, if there was a project designed to reduce the use of pesticides in a region and it was not implemented due to finance problems, harsh pesticides may continue to be used.

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