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            When we look at the development of the crime and violence in our streets, we must look at the development of what society calls gangs. We must also first look at the definition of the word. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary says it is a word of Old English origin and refers to a group of hooligans or roughnecks that run through the streets causing mayhem. It is also believed that these children do not have parents or that the parents have no control over their children. We, as a society, must ask ourselves why do these children come together, and what is the behavior and characteristics that brings them together. Gangs" researchers agree that most share certain behaviors and characteristics. Although there are exceptions, gangs tend to develop along racial and ethnic lines, and are typically 90 percent male (Bodinger-deUriarte, 1993). Gang members often display their membership through distinctive styles of dress, their "colors", and through specific activities use the same patterns of behavior. In addition, gangs almost universally show strong loyalty to their neighborhood, often marking out their territory with graffiti (Gaustad, 1991). In generally all the cases, this behavior is because of a loyalty to what is termed their family. This family is said to contain all of the love and attention that is not given at home by either the parents or the caregivers. When these youth are of school age then not only do we have a problem in the streets, but we also have one in the schools. All of these representations can be visible in the schools, and when this is the case, we have a problem in our schools with learning and everyone suffers. As Gaustad (1991) points out, however, the specifics of gang style and activity can vary tremendously from gang to gang, and can even change rapidly within individual gangs. For instance, African American gangs tend to confine their activities to their own communities, although the Bloods and the Crips, two gangs originating in Los Angeles, now have members nationwide.

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