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            Andrew Niccol's 1997 film Gattaca addresses the issue of genetic prejudice and perfection. The setting and tone of the film are understandably eerie. Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke) is a "god child," which in "the not so distant future" is an anomaly and an affront to the advances of genetic science. In the sterile world of the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation, god's children, or "faith births," are also called "In-Valids." They are considered to be inferior beings, whose genetic code exposes the imperfections of natural births. In a world where parents can control every aspect of their child's body, faith births are not permitted to participate in Gattaca. However, Vincent's childhood dream was to soar into space. As a child, Vincent struggled to prove his physical prowess in spite of his "weakened" condition and when he saves his brother from drowning, Vincent proves to himself that he can succeed at Gattaca. In order to do so, Vincent must completely falsify his identity. Although he resorts to fraud to pursue his dreams, Vincent is determined that the established system of genetic superiority is unfair at best. Vincent tried to get close to his dreams by becoming a Gattaca janitor. A fellow janitor tells him not to clean the glass too well, because "it might give him ideas." Jerome nods, smiles, and replies, "It'll be easier to see me when I'm on the other side of it." Since he was a child, Jerome was determined to transcend the restrictions of institutionalized "racism." As he says later in a voice-over, "There is no gene for fate.".
             The only way Jerome can overcome discrimination is to resort to illegal means. His finds his genetic body double in Jerome Morrow, an upper-crust genetic marvel. Jerome is confined to a wheelchair and is thus more than willing to sell his identity to the eager Vincent. Both men deceive the system of genetic control. However, Jerome is far more bitter than Vincent, who only wants to achieve his dreams at Gattaca.

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