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Trial of an Indictable Offence

            Firstly the crime is committed and an investigation will be made in place against the crime. An arrest and charge will occur and an agreement for bail may or may not be made. If bail is not given the defendant will be held in remand, if given bail may be let go although must attend court at the date requested. The hearing will be heard in the magistrate court.
             Prosecution will present its case against the defendant and will have witnesses. The defence council will then cross examine the witnesses to show the weaknesses in the prosecutions case. .
             If there is not enough evidence held against the defendant to face trial the magistrate will make the decision of allowing the defendant to go. If there is enough evidence to present for the defendant to stand trial the magistrate will make the decision of the date of the trials occurance and the court that it will be placed in. .
             The trial of the indictable offence will then be heard either in a District or Supreme court.The defendant will be given the option to plead guilty or not guilty and at any time may plead guilty.
             If guilty the judge hears all circumstances including character referances, prior convictions and then sentences or punishes the defendant.
             If pleaded not guilty a jury of 12 will be chosen for the case. .
             The prosecution will present his case against the defendant. Presenting evidence and questioning witnesses in the hope of winning over the jury.
             The defence council may cross examine the prosecutions witnesses.
             It is then up to the defence council to present there case defending the accussations held against its client.Evidence and witnesses will be presented before the jury. The defendant does not have take the stand at any time because what he says may be manipulated which would not look good for the case. The prosecution may cross examine the defence councils witnesses.
             The prosecution and defence council will make there final address to the jury.

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