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Great Expectations Themes

            In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, imagery is used to link themes such as, love, death, guilt, revenge and class together. Using imagery Charles Dickens is able to describe in detail the events and settings in the novel. Imagery like symbolism was used in the novel to make ideas come alive. By using imagery, he is able to describe such things as people, buildings , clothing and places. .
             Imagery in this novel an be seen in specific spots such as, the description of the marshes," cold and threatening with darkness coming on", whereas he uses warm and " glowing windows" to describe the houses near the marsh. Dickens uses imagery to describe or create an atmosphere that a reader can relate to. In Great Expectations imagery can also be used to describe buildings as seen with the description of the Satis House. He uses the description not only to describe the house but to link the house with the characters, Miss Havisham and Estella. In the novel Pip notices that the Satis House was " old brick and dismal, and had a great many iron bars to it. By using dark and gloomy features the reader is able to predict what type of people live there. This type of imagery can be seen in other parts of the novel as well, such as the description of Jagger and his house. Dickens describes the house as unsettling," in want of painting and with dirty windows. This is used to tell you something about the personality of Jaggers. Dickens uses the possessions and surroundings of Jaggers to describe him. His boots were said to be a part of him, " he sometimes caused the boots to creak as if they laughed in a dry and suspicious way". Jaggers is often associated with gloomy imagery, giving the idea that he is a threatening presence. Dickens's use of setting and atmosphere are used to warn that a significant event is about to occur such as, in Chapter 16 when Pip and Mr. Wopsle are again on the marshes, there is "a heavy mist out" and the sounds of the cannon firing from the convict ships can be heard.

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